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Our AngelsWho Have Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge







Came to me as rescue
Loved you from the start
Now you're in God's Garden
But always in my heart
So live up there with Angels
Know peace, know love, be whole
God welcomes you to Heaven
All Creatures have a soul

Author Unknown




"In late October, 1999, 6 Dandies were turned into a rescue in Missouri and  Dandies in DIstress was notifed and arranged for them to go to a club member;s state of the art boarding facility..as soon as I heard of the rescue, I emailed Sandra Stuart, our DID chair at the time and asked if any would be hard to place..Annie, who had had to have one eye removed and Ruddy who was considered not as cute as the others because he was so dark, were immediately adopted by us and the week before Thanksgiving 1999, they arrived in Seattle, to join Peaches and our first rescue, Frankie

Ruddy was born in a Nebraska puppy mill, April 24th 1991, and he began his career as a stud dog a year later.   He is the sire and grandsire of many of our puppy mill rescues, some rescued before he was, and some after..  some of these heirs were as dark as he was too. Ruddy had a wonderfully sweet temperament, and soon earned the nickname of Ruddy buddy or the old man since he was 8 and a half when rescued, there was glaucoma in his bloodlines, but he never developed it, being a carrier instead. We did contribute a blood sample of his to the glaucoma research program at the University of Missouri , Columbia, so that he could be part of the studies to determine the nature of glaucoma in Dandies..and in dogs in general.

Ruddy was a super companion for Annie, Frankie, and Peaches.  He was generally healthy, but had to have bad teeth removed and antibiotic implants installed..he loved wandering around the house and yard. When Frankie passed away at 14 in October of 2004 at age 14, and Annie passed away 2 months later on December 28th of 2004, Ruddy and Peaches became each other's best pals....by this time too, we could see that Ruddy was going deaf, but we knew how to get his attention with a gentle pat and he responded beautifully.

In November of 2005, after a wonderful life of 6 years with us and a long total life of 14 and  a half years, Ruddy passed away and we miss him still those 6 years with him were just fantastic.

He loved wearing the orange halloween coat, especially for his appointments in October at our vet...everyone absolutely adored him.

I know that you know I could go on at length about Ruddy, but just suffice it to say that he was a fantastic rescue Dandie, and completely typical of all Dandies  in temperament and general nature."

.....Submitted by Jeanne







"Jack crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on 2/13/09 on the eve of our very successful Valentines Day auction. Jack was born in a puppy mill, sold to a  petstore and eventually purchased by a woman who loved him dearly. He was the son of Annie (Jeanne's girl) and brother of Danny (Joannie's boy). With a heart and eyes as big as his 30+ pounds- Jack was just a big love who loved life."

.....Submitted by Jean

Annie with Bear









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