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Connie & Olive


Connie and Olive


We were part of the Salem 13 rescue. From day one, Gail knew that they would have to be adopted out together, you see Connie is a shy girl, apprehensive of strangers and very understated. Olive is a people magnet, works a crowd and at times can get Connie to see things from her point view.

Along came Phil and Linda, wonderful dandie fanciers with many years of experience and together they gave these girls a home and family. Phil and Linda, love them and their quirks. It's been almost a year and Connie is slowly coming out of her shell, while Olive continues to be Olive. During a brief visit to Jean and Kevin's place in NY, Olive did get to reunite with her son, Dash. Jean stated, she could see where Dash got his charming personality and beautiful curls from- he is the pepper image of his mommy.

More to come as we progress in our fantastic new lives. Thank you to everyone involved our rescue efforts.



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