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Davidson was liberated from an Oklahoma puppy mill on Valentine’s Day 2009.  He is the absolute best Valentine’s Day gift ever.  After his liberation he spent two months in Missouri with Gail at Forest Ridge Rescue House.   Gail took wonderful care getting him spruced up and healthy to come to his new home. 

Davidson was born in Russia on March 29, 2005.    When he came to live with me he wanted nothing to do with a leash and was not used to jumping in and out of cars.  He took quickly to the leash but to this day prefers to be picked up and put in the car or on the bed.  I am happy to help.  From the time Davidson came to live with me he went with me everywhere.  He loves to go for rides; I rarely get out of the house without him.  He is a great traveler and so quiet you can forget he is in the car.  Davidson has adjusted nicely to his new home. 

Dandies are very intelligent, can be quite stubborn, and are all love, love, love.  Davidson is a testament to these qualities.  Dandies are very happy dogs; they bounce and their tails get to going so fast you expect “lift off” at any moment.  As there are not too many Dandies around people who know about Dandies get excited when they see him.  He doesn’t get that he is so special, he is just Davidson.  Harley (the cat) thinks he’s ok too. 


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