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Princess Marci

Aren't I cute?


Arent' I cute?

Mac's was born in April '09 and was extra small due to a heart murmur. That healed and he now weighs 22 lbs. He has a gentle disposition -- seems to love people of all ages and dogs of all sizes. He never barked  and   tended  to be a couch potato --or did  until Miss Marci arrived .This little lady only weighs 11 lbs  now but has energy to burn!!  They race around our yard -- They are taken for a walk of about 4 kilometers most days and then arrive home to race around the house!!  When they play the volume of their exchanges of 'conversation' are amazing -- such a variety of sound and pitch!  Mac's has found his voice but Marci has the last word. She has added a real spark to all our lives and we love her.  Thank you !!! 



Birthday Girl


Birthday Girl
Marci telling Macs a joke

Marci telling Mac's a joke.



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