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The Story Behind the Rescues



The Rescue of the “Missouri 13”


       On March 5, 2010, as I was returning home from a Seminar in Maryland, my phone rang. On the other end was Jean Olivier-White. “Have you had a chance to look at your e-mail yet”, she said. No, I told her; I had literally just walked in the door….. “Well, you had better get started because Mary Smith has just listed all her Dandies on the Southwest Kennel Auction site as a total “Breed Sellout.” 13 Dandies. The auction is listed for March 27th; we’ve got to get to work”. I didn’t even unpack my suitcase; I just got on the telephone and started making phone calls. Jean, Jeanne Tharalson and myself, along with many more Dandie lovers, called friends, sent e-mails, hosted fundraisers and even held wine tastings to raise money for these Dandies.  We knew that this was going to be a very expensive undertaking; the rescue of 13 Dandie Dinmonts at a puppy mill auction. But, time and time again, as I spoke to people, they told me one thing….” You’ve got to do whatever it takes, and you have to make sure that you get all of them”. We promised to make sure that there would be no Dandie left behind…We promised to do whatever it took to get them all……….

     On the eve of the auction, Dandies in Distress had raised almost $16,000.00 in private donations. The DDTCA Board of Directors voted unanimously to give $300.00 per dog,  for a total of $ 3,900.00. Betty Olsen, Jacolyn Dadles, Bronwell Bond & Gyorke Alger, through their DDTRL, donated $6,000.00. Fingers were crossed that we had enough money.

     On that Saturday afternoon, when our auction agent, Gail Shourds called me to let me know that she had gotten all 13 Dandies, I must admit that I popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and toasted not only all the wonderful people in the world who love Dandies and who helped make this rescue possible, but also the 13 Dandies who were now on their way to new, happy lives! The total cost of 13 Dandies at auction ….$25,400.00; the joy of rescuing and re-homing 13 Dandies…Priceless!

      Betty, Bronnie, Gyorke & Jacolyn were given the opportunity to place 3 Dandies for their donation. They also agreed to cover all boarding and veterinary expenses for the dogs that they were given. Dandies in Distress assumed responsibility for the other 10 Dandies. According to DDTCA rescue guidelines, up to $600.00 per dog is allocated for veterinary and boarding expenses. DID has been very fortunate that we have had several people willing to cover the boarding expenses  and thankfully the dogs were in overall good health, so that our vet bills have been mostly just for routine spaying and neutering.

      Sadly, we did lose one of the rescues, little Lucy, the runt puppy who had won everyone’s heart with her will to live. But, she did have one happy month at Gail’s house and now she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. As for the other 9 Dandies in DID care, by the time that you are reading this, they will all be in their new homes enjoying their new, happy lives!

                                               Joan M. Rezzolla, Dandies in Distress Chair



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